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Additional Optical Elements

Angular Measurement Kit

Set of optical elements used for pitch and yaw error measurement and for the straightness of a base up to 15-meter measurement (length Angular Interferometer IK1, Angular Retroreflector RK1, 100 mm foot spacing). How to use this kit read here.
Angle interferometer IK1 for angle measurements with HPI-3D
Angular Interferometer IK1
Retroreflector for angular measurements
Angular Retroreflector RK1

Right Angle Etalon RAE 01 for 3D measurements

Right Angle Reference for Laser Interferometry
RAE 01 Right Angle Reference for 3D
Used in measurements of axis perpendicularity and parallelism. Simplifies the adjustment of the vertical and horizontal axes perpendicular to the measured axis.

Flatness Measurement Kit

Set for measurement of flatness of tables with software (two Beam Benders BB 01, software for flatness measurements). Beam Benders can be used for beam alignment.
Mirrors for interferometry
Flatness Measurement Kit

Wollaston Kit

Set for straightness measurement of movement (up to 9 m Wollaston Prism WP 01, Reflector WRP2, Vertical/ Horizontal Adapter WA 01 + software).
Wollaston laser interferometry prism
Wollaston Prism WP 01
Adapter for Wollaston interferometry
Adapter WA 01
Reflector for Wollaston measurements with interferometer
Reflector WRP2

Right Angle Etalon Kit (two pentaprism)

Etalon For right angle measurements
Right angle reflector RAR 01
Set for right angle measurements and parallelism of axes for Wollaston with an adjustable base (RAE 02, RAR 01 + software).
Laser interferometry accessory prism
Right Angle Etalon RAE 02