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CNC & CMM machine calibration

Linear laser interferometer

Linear laser interferometer HPI-3D

The most advanced linear laser interferometers available on the market

Laser measurement system LMS-5

The most advanced laser interferometers available on the market

A Level system for CNC machines

Status Pro µLevel

A precision level system for CNC machines with HPI Software integration.

Laboratory equipment

Iodine stabilised laser HeNe

Iodine Laser Standard LJSC-03-11

A laboratory device with automatic absorption peaks detection

Iodine stabilised HeNe laser

Iodine Laser Standard LJSC-03-11F

A version of the LJSC-03-11 iodine stabilised laser in a rack mount

Iodine stabilised laser with offset

Iodine Laser Standard with offset LHJ-1F

Iodine lasers with offset for precision and powerful output

Optical counter OC-1100

Optical Counter OC1100

A high frequency, very low noise APD photodetector and a frequency counter

Extensometer with laser encoder

Extensometer with laser encoder LS-10F EX

Combines traditional clip-on extensometer with a laser encoder

Laboratoire laser multicanal

Jusqu'à 14 canaux dans diverses configurations optiques, solution modulaire et évolutive pour le laboratoire laser.

OEM laser encodes

Laser encoder for CNC machine

Laser encoder HPI-3D lite

The most advanced laser interferometers available on the market

Laser encoder LS-10F

Up to 3 channels of dynamic positioning measurement in various optical configurations

Optics and accessories

Wally rotary encoder

Rotary encoder Wally for HPI-3D

Measure the accuracy of a rotary axis positioning. Designed to be used with Lasertex HPI-3D.

HPI-3D Accessories

Additional optics

Optical elements  and prisms for different kinds of measurements.

Laser equipment for CNC machine calibration, industrial metrology and laboratories.

Tools for CNC & CMM machine calibration include Laser Measurement System HPI-3D  is one of the most advanced laser interferometers available on the market offering many new options for users with unprecedented measurement precision and resolution. Very easy to use, can be used both in research laboratories and in machines geometry measurements. Laser Measurement System LMS-5 is a laser based device for complete characterisation of various lathe machines. The measurement is performed on the basis of the laser beam position detection. Also we distribute Status Pro µLevel, a high precision digital level that can be used as a stand alone device or used as HPI-3D software and integrated to your HPI-3D measurement system.Wally is an optional upgrade for the laser interferometer HPI-3D. The device is designed to measure the positional accuracy of a rotary axis. Together with HPI-3D it measures the movement on a machine controller. At the same time the system comperes data measured by the machine hardware. Calibration or report can be done after measurements.

Lasertex offer OEM solutions for CNC machines and measurement stands integration. HPI-3D lite is a simplified version of the HPI-3D that can be used as an encoder in a machine’s control loop or as an encoder for a measurement stand. Being a heterodyne system it allows operations at a really high velocities. LaserScale LS-10F is a complete laser encoder destined for usage in CMM and CNC machines, instead of traditional glass and magnetic scales. The use of laser encoder allows substantial increase of machines accuracy. This homodyne system can be delivered in one, two or three axis configuration and with various emitter options.

Lasertex company also produces laboratory equipment like Frequency Laser Standard, which reference frequencies base on the transition of atomic iodine isotope vapour, is automatic laboratory device designed to compare and calibrate He-Ne (632,8nm wavelength) lasers. This is unique laboratory device with automatic absorption peaks detection and results presentation graphic display. Frequency Laser Standard, is a rack mount variant of the standard mentioned above. Lasertex suggests an extensometer with LS10F provides traditional clip-on extensometer paired with Laser encoder provides high precision measurements. The setup with optical fibre has almost no temperature error. Optical Counter OC-1100 is a unique device combining high sensitivity, high frequency, very low noise APD photodetector and a frequency counter. The device is enclosed in a compact and sturdy case with two outputs: analog and USB, an external clock input and a power supply connector.