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Laser Encoder LS10F EX

Extensometer laser system

LS-10F EF with extensometer

Extensometer for material testing paired with special version of Laser encoder LS-10F. This setup provides traditional clip-on extensometer with magnetic base that can be easily attached to metal surfaces for device stability.

Laser encoder provides high precision measurements. Laser head is integrated into the control module and the beam is delivered to the emitter by optical fibre cable. This setup reduces temperature factor to almost negligible and improves research quality and repeatability

The device is shipped in two reinforced cases to provide protection and ease of transportation. The setup can be used for test in laboratory environment as well as a portable solution for providing outsource service. The device is easy to transport and mount or dismount, that can be an advantage for measurement service provider.

LS-10F EX extensometer in case
Laser encoder LS-10F EX in case