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Laser measurement system for Lathe & CNC machines

Lathe and CMC machine calibration fast and easy

Measurement System LMS-5 is a laser based device for complete characterisation of various lathe machines. The measurement is performed on the basis of the laser beam position detection. The source of the laser beam is a fibre pigtailed and intensity stabilised laser diode. We designed beam detection algorithms and implemented them into the optical detector to guarantee unrivalled accuracy of the whole measurement system. The results are displayed on computer and can be used for machine calibration and adjustment as well as report generation.

Lathe Measurement System LMS-5 can provide various types of measurements from axial positioning and spindle displacement to squareness. The whole system is really compact and light. It is also really easy to operate. No wires and easy to use yet functional software helps to achieve results fast with no extra time and effort spent. The device has an optional base that can be used for CNC machine squareness measurements.

Measurement system applications:

Elements of the system

Lathe Measurement System LMS-5 is designed to shorten the preparation time and to allow operation even by a non-experienced user. It consists of the laser source mounted in the spindle and the detector mounted either instead of the tool or on the Tail Stock.

The delivery package may vary depending on the chosen configuration.