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Optical Counter OC-1100

Optical Counter OC-1100 is a unique device combining high sensitivity, high frequency, very low noise APD photodetector and a frequency counter. The device is enclosed in a compact and sturdy case with two outputs: analog and USB, an external clock input and a power supply connector. The analog output can be used for signal monitoring e.g. with an external spectrum analyser. 

The instrument is delivered with a power supply, a USB cable and a PC software. The software allows automatic measurement of frequency deviations with averaging periods from 100µs to 1000s. The results can be displayed or stored. The software calculates also the Allan Variance of the measured signal making the device perfect for testing the frequency stability of lasers.

Optical Counter OC-1100 is especially destined for research and university laboratories.

Main specifications:

Optical input
free space
Spectral range
400nm – 1000nm
Operating temperature
10°C – 40°C
Bandwidth (analogue output)
± 3 dB @ 1 MHz – 1050MHz
± 10 dB @ 0.1 MHz – 1500 MHz
Max. incident power
10 mW
Maximum gain
10 V/W @ 1 GHz, 800 nm
Dark state noise level
-80 dBm (only analogue circuitry powered on)
-65 dBm
Output connectors
USB, analogue (AC coupled)
Frequency range
1 MHz – 1100 MHz
Counter timebase frequency
10 MHz
Timebase stability
0.05 ppm
Measuring time
3-1000000 s
Min. measured power*
< 1 µW @ 1 MHz, 650 nm
< 5 µW @ 1100 MHz, 650 nm

* – below given power frequency counter does not work correctly