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Offset Laser Frequency Standard LHJ-1F

Offset Laser Frequency Standard LHJ-1F is a wavelength reference device designed to be used for calibration and comparison of He-Ne lasers (632,8 nm wavelength). The model is based on LJSC-03-11 Laser. The absolute laser frequency is defined by the iodine vapour cell and serves as feedback to stabilise more powerful laser. The device provides the same frequency accuracy and stability as the LJSC-03-11 laser with the output power of a 1mW HeNe tube. The stronger tube is locked at a user chosen offset to the cavity stabilised HeNe tube. The offset value can be regulated in a wide range without degradation of laser frequency accuracy.

Offset Laser Frequency Standard LHJ-1F is a unique laboratory device with automatic absorption peaks detection and presentation of results on the graphic display and with remote control from a PC computer. It differs from other commercially available lasers in that it requires no calibration in order to realise its full accuracy. Its rugged and compact design makes it suitable for laboratory and field applications like precision measurement, laser spectroscopy and other high accuracy applications.

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