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Equipment for CNC and CMM machine calibration

Why Lasertex?


Lasertex uses unique fused quartz laser optics with high contrast ratio 1/1000 and up to 20 layers of coating to achieve polarisation of the laser beam.


Quartz optics has the lowest thermal expansion coefficient and can provide the highest resolution available on the market nowadays.


With help of our unique combination of software and hardware Lasertex products are easy to learn and use without hiring a specialist.

Individual approach 

Lasertex has individual approach to every our costumer. Being a small company, with all CNC machinery in house, it is no problem for us to adapt for our costumers needs. From OEM machine calibration solutions to simple plug and go decisions.

Complex orders are simple

In industrial environment every company has its own need. Lasertex has strong research university background. That is to say, we can make individual tweaking of our products to suit even the most demanding needs. Just contact us through our contact form.

Our customers