No more limits during measurements! Hundreds of manufacturers around the world give excellent feedbacks to HPI-3D!

HPI-3D shifts the frontier of parameters available in modern laser interferometers. Extremely high measurable movement speed, ultra high resolution and very high sampling rate make the device suitable even for highly demanding applications.

The HPI-3D was designed with the emphasis on user-friendliness and portability. The instrument has built-in wireless connectivity and can work with or without PC connection. It can be mounted directly on the measured object (e.g. inside a machine) simplifying the measurement path and allowing to spare on the alignment time. The laser is available in a small and sturdy transportation case offering superb portability. Easy to use, yet powerful PC software make the usage of the complete device an easy task even for inexperienced users.

  • Positioning of CNC and CMM machines
  • Machine geometry inspection
  • Rapid assessment of machine geometry
  • Flatness measurements
  • Axes parallelism measurements
  • Angular positioning
  • Ball screw inspection
  • Machine servicing
  • Vibration measurements
  • Straightness measurements
  • Squarness measurements
  • Dynamic measurements with internal or external strobe
  • Small angle measurements
  • Variety of laboratory applications