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Laser Encoder LS10

Laser Scale LS-10 is a complete laser encoder destined for usage in CMM and CNC machines, to replace traditional glass and magnetic scales. The use of laser encoder allows substantial increase of machines accuracy. The price for the Laser Scale LS-10 is independent from the measured length. Besides, the device can be easily and cheaply enhanced for simultaneous measurement of two axes. The advanced electronics used in the device implements fully automatic, real time, compensation of the environmental factors influencing the accuracy of the measurement.

The heart of the device is the frequence-stabilized, two-mode helium-neon laser working on the laser line length of 633 nm. The device operates in the homodyne interferometer configuration.


Laser encoder LS-10

Laser Encoder LS-10F is a complete laser encoder designed to be used in all OEM applications requiring measurement accuracy and flexibility of the laser interferometer. The instrument can be used among others as a replacement of traditional glass and magnetic scales in CNC and CMM machines or as a measurement and control device in various calibration sites. Contact us to order.

Laser encoder LS-10 inside the box

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